How to Make a Balloon Arch in 3 Easy Steps

How to Make a Balloon Arch
Decorating your party in 3 easy steps

Worried that your party looks too “plain” and don’t have the budget to rent a party decoration package with us? Wanna give the table were your putting your cake or presents table a boost on looks? No worries! Read along on how to make a simple multicolor balloon arch in just a few simple steps that can bring your party back to life! Read along with Happy Party Rental on how to get started with your party’s balloon decorations.

Step 1: Buying the Arch

The arch that your going to buy is going to be the base and whats going to hold the balloons together. There are many objects you can use to create the base of the balloon arch, there are PVC poles, Nylon String, Wires and many more, but for this short tutorial, we’re going to Use PVC. Most Party Rentals in Miami use PVC because its easy to find, and its cheap! We suggest you to buy a 13′-15′ bar of PVC that can be easily found at your local Home Depot or even at a local gardening store. This 13′-15 feet of PVC can cost you around $7 and can last you a few years if you use it and maintain it correctly.

Step 2: Getting a Base for the Arch

The base of the balloon arch is exactly what you think it is. Its going to be whats going to hold down the balloon arch from flipping over or from even flying away! There are many different methods creating the adequate base for the balloon arch. It is real common to use cement blocks and fill it up with sand to keep the arch still, other people simply tie the arch to anything that’s around the arch like tables or a pole. For this tutorial we are going to use a regular Patio Umbrella Base that you can also find in Home Depot at under $10! This is a very straight forward tool anyone can use, just fill up the bases with water, and place them were you want the both ends of your balloon to stand.

Step 3: The Balloons

Depending on your experience with balloon arches, you get to choose how many colors you want on your Balloon arch. For this tutorial please pick only 4 colors. You can buy a bag of 50 balloons of each color at your local party city or balloon distributor at a very low cost. You will start by blowing up 2 balloons of the same color, preferably with a air machine if you want to save your breath, blow it up to about the size of your elbow to your fingertips. Make sure all the balloons are about the same size, this is what makes a balloon arch look good. Once you blow up 2 balloons (same color) tie both tips together. The balloons should look tied together across from each other. Do the same process for 2 more balloons of a different color and tie them together too. When finish with both sets of balloons, tie them together by putting one tie joint over the other one (it should look like a cross) and simply twist both sets of balloons. When you have all 4 balloons tied together, squish the balloon joints against the PVC pole and simply twist them to secure the set of balloons with the pole. Repeat this process and every set that you put, make sure that the colors are diagonal to the previous set in order to give it that “spiral” look. Once you have filled the entire pole with balloons, call for another helper and grab both ends of the arch, and place them over the bases that should be already filed with water, and you’re all set! You now have a gorgeous Balloon arch in your party!

For more information, please visit our Decorations section in our website, or simply call either of our numbers (305) 367-1585 / (954) 483-692 and one of our representatives will gladly help you. If you want to rent one of our Balloon arches, you can also call us to reserve one. Balloon arches start at $99.99 (taxes not included) and we deliver all over Miami, Broward, and Homestead! Happy Decorating!


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