Miami Portable Stage Rentals

An ideal portable platform solution for Concerts, Runways, Performances, Public Speaking and more.

White & Clear Top Tent Rentals In Miami

mobile stage rentals in miami for events

Event Portable Stage Rental

Our affordable portable stage rentals are the most dynamic type of staging available to be converted to any style needed. Our 4′ x 8′ Panels provide the liberty to customize your size or shape to fulfill events such as concerts, runways, weddings and corporate events.

Most popular stage rental sizes

8' x 16' | 8' x 24' | 16' x 24' | 24' x 32' | And More!

All stage rental sizes include Stairs, Handrails & Skirting. Contact us if you’re in need of a different stage rental size

portable runway rentals in miami

Portable Runway / Catwalk Rental

Make your event amazing by having a dedicated runway rental for your stunning fashion show. Our runway rentals or “catwalk” are fully customizable to length and shape on request to make your event unique.

Most popular runway rental shapes

Straight | T Shaped | U Shaped | L Shaped

All runway catwalk rental sizes include Stairs, Handrails & Skirting. Contact us to get started on your runway rental!
mobile portable live music stage rentals in miami

Mobile Stage Rentals in Miami

Host a fully produced large outdoor event with our mobile stage rental. Our truss structured mobile stage rental can be set up to any length or height desired to accommodate an appropriate performance space for your event. The mobile stage is the best rental to be accompanied with a full production of lights and sound.

Best use for a mobile stage rental in miami

Live Music | Public Speaking | City Events

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