Tableware Rentals

No party hosts wants their guests to eat standing up. Tables and Chairs is the absolute essential thing in anyone’s event.

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White Dinner Plates

Dinner Plate Rentals (Case: 10)
Desert Plate Rentals (Case: 10)
Salad Plate Rental (Case: 10)
Miami –  Broward –  Homestead

Glassware Rental

Water Goblet Rentals (Case: 25)
Champagne Glass Rentals (Case: 36)
Wine Glass Rentals (Case: 25)
Highball Glass Rentals (Case: 25)
Rock Glass Rentals (Case: 25)
Margarita Glass Rentals (Case: 16)
Martini Glass Rentals (Case: 16)

Silverware Rental

Fork Rental (Case: 10)
Spoon Rental (Case: 10)
Knife Rental (Case: 10)
Miami –  Broward –  Homestead

Charger Plate

(Available in Gold, Silver, Bamboo)
Miami –  Broward –  Homestead