1. Dans l’onglet Surprises, je suis incapable d’avoir de simples interlignes pour les réponses aux devinettes. Je les ai pourtant copiées avec le bloc note avant. Pour avoir un simple interligne, veuillez appuyer sur la touche « Shift » et la touche « Entrée » en même temps. La touche « Shift » est la […]

How to Make a Balloon Arch in 3 Easy Steps

How to Make a Balloon Arch Decorating your party in 3 easy steps Worried that your party looks too “plain” and don’t have the budget to rent a party decoration package with us? Wanna give the table were your putting your cake or presents table a boost on looks? No worries! Read along on how […]

How to Plan a Party 101

What should I get for my sons first birthday party? How do I do it? Most of us that are experienced in Party Planning or already have done a party for guests or family members, can admit that doing your first event is indeed quite terrifying. But no worries, we will teach you the basics […]