What should I get for my sons first birthday party?
How do I do it?

Most of us that are experienced in Party Planning or already have done a party for guests or family members, can admit that doing your first event is indeed quite terrifying. But no worries, we will teach you the basics to planning your upcoming party so that you and your peers/family can have a memorable event.

Step #1: Choose the place

The first and most important step to planning your party is choosing the location. Is it going to be inside or outside? Is it going to be in your backyard, a park, or a party hall, your entire event depends on where your going to do it. When you finally choose where you going to do your event, start thinking about your guests. Where are they gonna sit, chat, eat, or simply just spectate, choose the are were you want them to be and make sure you CLEAN and ready the entire area and get rid of any unnecessary items/objects that wont be related to your event.

Step #2:Choose the theme

The theme is whats going to give your entire even some flavor. Is it for a holiday? Is it for an event? Is it your sons/daughters party based on a Disney Character? This is one of the most important steps of them all, so dont’ fail to keep up!

Step #3:Set the Day/Time for Your Party

If its a birthday party, most people try to have it the same day of the event, if not, they usually happen on the weekends. Try to pick a day to do your party that your guests are available.

Step #4: Choose a budget

​This is actually one of the steps no parent really likes to think about, but you have to be true to yourself. This is one of the steps you have to take before reserving a Pavilion at a park, or an indoor party place, or even beginning to call for quotes. Do yourself a favor and figure out how much exactly it is that you have to spend on this event. Depending on your budget, you get to measure the amount of guests you should invite, and exactly what it is that you should get. None the less, Happy Party Rental Miami can accommodate to your budget and help you fulfill your event, whether its an indoor party, or a park, or simply on your back yard. We have some great deals pre-set party deals for all types of budgets that include bounce houses, tables and chairs and food machines. By renting with Happy Party Rental, you will relieve yourself from the stress of worrying about your budget!

Step #5: Ready! Set! Make Invitations!

Try coming up with a simple and catchy invitation if your under a budget. Try sending out all your invitations ahead of time so that all of your guests are fully aware of when your party is going to be. If you’re relying on your budget on how many people your going to serve, make sure to include the “RSVP” on the invitation! Also, if you’re allowing your guests to bring friends, try not to send the invitation TOO soon, otherwise you might end up with a large amount of guests you weren’t prepared for!

Step #6: Serving Your Guests

Determining the type of food that your going to serve your guests might be one of the toughest tasks in planning your party because there is many of things that influence what exactly it is that your going to serve. Such things like, age, location, and type of event affect your choice of food. Note to yourself that children will always be the easiest to serve since they are going to be more focused in running around and having fun. So for the children, always get them something quick and easy to eat like Pizza, or hot-dog, or even pop-corn and always remember to serve them a variety of drinks like coke, juice boxes etc. For the adults, there are many more things you should take in mind. If its an outdoor event, usually a good BBQ will do, burgers, hot-dogs will be perfect too. If its a family gathering, we’d suggest “cover dishes/pot luck dinners” were everyone brings a dish to share with everyone because it doesn’t just make the event more interesting, but its a huge money saver. If its a office event, the food is probably going to be the least that you should worry about. You can solve your dilemma with tiny appetizers like donuts, or chips and cookies. But no matter what type of event it is, never ever forget refreshments!

Step #7: Clean the event area

You dont need party planning experience to know that its inappropriate to invite guess to a dirty, unmantained area, especially if its a party. Take a few minutes, or at least a whole day before your party to clean the area your guests are going to be. Remove anything that isn’t going to be party related especially if your going to do the party in your own home. Its better to be safe and remove a few things off the counter and coffee tables than having a bad experience and someone breaking something that means alot to you. Same thing goes for events that are held in party rooms, or in parks, remove any chairs or tables that you wont need for your event.

How to Plan a Party 101


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How to Plan a Party 101

What should I get for my sons first birthday party? How do I do it? Most of us that are experienced in Party Planning or


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